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Diabetes and Fruits

Diabetes and Fruits
Written by Dr Rajesh Kesari MD   

Should Diabetics avoid fruits

No - on the contratry Diabetics should be encouraged to takes fruits. The Diabetes Prevention Programe conducted in Finland, which assessed the effect of Diet exercise and medication in delaying onset of Diabetics has proven that fruits and green vegetables are beneficial and their inclusion in diet can delay the onset of Diabetes. 

Carbohydrates in fruits 

Fruits contain complex carbohydrates,soluble & insoluble, vitamins, minerals. 
The main source of sweetness in most of the fruits is fructose, this is structurally related to glucose but due to some minor changes in its form behaves a little differently than glucose.
Some fruits like Sugar cane and sugar beet do contain only sucrose and should be definitely avoided by Diabetics.
It does not require insulin for its uptake, thus it gives rest to beta cells of pancreas as a result improves their functional capacity. Fructose present in fruits is almost 1.7 times sweeter than sucrose thus less of it is required to provide the same sweetness.

Fibres in Fruits 

Fruits also contain fibres- either soluble or insoluble; soluble fibres bind certain types of fats and help decrease LDL ( the harmful cholesterol), while insoluble fibres irritate intestines and gelp in propogation of undigeted food particles.
Fruits do not have any FATS, while providing energy and vitamins and fibre they do not increase cholesterol rather decrease it.
Fruits give a great filling effect because of fibres, and moisture ( water) contained in them.
Most of the fruits have low glycemic index and glycemic load thus they are ideal food for diabetics
Fruits also contain, vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients which are required in small quantities but are required for maintainance of health and proper functioning of the whole body.
Diabetics are suggested at least 5 servings of fruits and green vegetables per day.


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