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Take action NOW - Consult Diabetologist for treatment of Diabetes-call 09899764447 or (011) 2271-0663 for appointment | Indirapuram Branch (NitiKhand-2 )- Mob. 9871110663, Tel 0120-4104586

Dr Rajesh Kesari is a Certified Diabetes Trainer and Speaker from the prestigious American Diabetes Association ( ADA) he has taken specialized training in Diabetes Management after MD at Apollo Indraprastha Hospital New Delhi, He has completed A Post Graduate Program in Diabetology from The John Hopkins University School of Medicine with Distinction. He continuously keeps himself abreast with the lates developments in Diabetes with help of Journals and regularly attends Conferences and Meetings about Diabetes both in India and Internationally.

He has been associated with the following as a Consultant Diabetologist ( Diabetes specialist )

  • Apollo Clinic East of Kailash, New Delhi.
  • Apollo Clinic Indrapuram ( Ghaziabad)
  • Jeevan Anmol Hospital Mayur Vihar
  • Ojjus Goodwil Hospital NOIDA
Dr.Rajesh Kesari- Consultant Diabetologist (Diabetes Specialist)- talking about Diabetes on a popular health show and answering viewers questions-

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Diabetes is a special disease; a Diabetes patient needs considerable time and a highly individualized approach by dedicated professionals to effectively manage and Control Diabetes. Diabetology is the new upcoming speciality which deals only in treatment of Diabetes and prevention of its complications, there are very few Diabetologists in whole of this country, fortunately you have one nearby- Dr Rajesh Kesari- a consultant Diabetologist in Delhi NCR,  managing a chain of dedicated Diabetes Centres – ‘Total Care Control- Diabetes Care Centre’ the only ISO 9001:2008 Diabetes Care Centre and Laboratory- Near New Ashok Nagar Metro Station easily accessible by Metro and Road from Noida, Mayur Vihar , Patpar Ganj, Vaishali, Vasundhra, Indirapuram, and other nearby regions in East Delhi and Ghaziabad. This centre provides all the necessary facilities for Treatment of Diabetes, click to get directions..FAQ's


Diabetes is a lifestyle & lifelong disease , Treatment of Diabetes focuses on CONTROL and MANAGEMENT rather than radical cures. Diabetes treatment is perpetual exercise, requiring active participation of the patient and family, not once or twice a day but continuously throughout the day and all the time. Local factors may have tremendous affect on treatment of Diabetes and its longterm implications. This is the reason we have come up with Your Diabetes page which addresses the local issues nearby and around you, to guide your Diabetic diet, exercise, Diabetes treatment etc. thus help you control your Diabetes better and prevent its complications. Click here for Location & Directions FAQ's

Blood Tests for Diabetes - Call 9899764447 or 2271 0663 (9871110663- Indirapuram) for home collection

Blood tests are frequently required to monitor progress and make changes to Diabetic diet, Diabetes treatment, medications, Insulin dosage etc.. ‘Total Care Control- Diabetes Care Centre’ – offers this facility right at your Doorstep, Call for Collection of Blood or other samples by experienced technicians on 011 9899764447 (9871110663- Indirapuram). You will get most accurate results of your Diabetes tests which would help you in better treatment of Diabetes. Facility for Blood collection is available for most areas of Delhi and NCR.

Unique and First in Delhi NCR

Instant HbA1c Testing Facility now available at Total Control- Diabetes Care Centre. Tests can be done with just once drop of blood and accurately reflects the average Blood Glucose levels of past 2-3 months. Salient Features:

  • Small amount of blood
  • Instant Report
  • Diabetes treatment can be initiated in the first visit itself
  • Highly accurate and reproducible results calibrated to DCCT

First in DELHI- Instant HbA1C Testing Facility- test done with a single drop of blood taken by finger prick, result in just 10 mins

"Living With Diabetes"- a unique initiative by Diabetologist Dr Rajesh Kesari which has helped thousand of Diabetics achieve better control over Diabetes and lead healthy lives.

Walk to STOP Diabetes Creating Diabetes awareness through social activities

Dietician for Diet counselling- Counselling by experienced Dietician and Nutrition specialists. Learn what to eat, how to cook and make judicious choice of foods to control your Diabetes and prevent its complications. Call 09899764447 or 2271 0663 to book Appointments.

Diabetic Diet in your Locality

Diabetic Diet- is a local phenomenon, because we eat what is available in our markets and different countries region have different foods available at different times, here we analyze and give recommendations about the Diabetic Food items available in your region.

Vegetable- Sabzi – Market and Diabetic Diet:

Focus on vegetables available in your area, in your vegetable markets.

Diabetes and Karela:

Karela Bitter Gourd Ideal vegetable for DiabetesKarela or Bitter Melon is our opening Batsman, since its fresh and locally available in our locality and is also known to lower Blood Sugar and Cholesterol. 'Momordicha Charantia'- Karela, Bitter melon or Prickly Pear is actually a fruit which grows on a vine and is available in the summer months here. It is thought to be endowed with many medicinal effects ranging from Treatment of Diabetes to, HIV, Malaria and even immune disorders, but our focus is on Diabetes only. Yes Fresh Karela juice has glucose lowering effect and may even be equivalent to medicines, but it may not be advisable as a remedy for Diabetes, since Karela or bitter gourd must be taken only in processed form it may cause Toxins which are very harmful for the body but are neutralized in the cooking process, Bitter Gourd may cause hypoglycemia (low blood Sugar) as it is a natural product and the Blood Sugar Lowering Potency of Different strains may be different. Beware while buying Karelas , since lot of artificially colored vegetables are being sold in the weekly markets, they can be madeout by there deep green colors and uniform colouring, including the tips and tails. Naturals vegetables always have some colour variations. For a basic recipe of Karela Sabzi click here, even though Karela can be prepared in many different ways, avoid deep frying , use very little oil.