Diabetes and Travelling

Diabetes and Travelling

Diabetes and Travelling

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Don't worry if you are a Diabetic and you need to travel. Your Blood Sugar does not come in your way of seeing the world, or just goig about your work in other cities or countries. Just be careful about some details


Take an ample stock of medicines with you, atleast 10 days more than that of your anticipated stay. ( Many countries have different regulations and all medicines are not available everywhere- some medicines which are easily available in Europe may not be availabe US at all.


Do take a copy of the latest prscription by your doctor with you, together with a breif history or summary of your earlier reports including ECG. In case you have to visit a locoal doctor , or are admitted to a hospital or emergency room for any reason, it really helps in making right decisions and saves costs of treatment as well.


Be careful about your food always, this does not mean avoiding local delicacies and experiences. Try to taste everything, but control your portion sizes. Do take lots of fruits and salads.


If you are on insulin, you must keep ample extra vials, and an icebag which could maintain appropriate tempratures, such bags are easily available.

Its always better if you keep your glucometer together with spare strips and lancets so that you check and be sure that your on everywhere on target.


Bon Voyage!!

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