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Delaying Onset of Type 1 Diabetes may be possible soon

Researchers in US and Europe have been looking into various possibility of finding a vaccine to prevent Type 1 Diabetes- but none have or rather HAD succeeded so far. Different drugs ranging from Vitamin B to BCG vaccine gave been tried but without any success.

High Blood Pressure- The Enemy Within

Most of the Diabetics die of Heart Attacks or Stroke- not due to Diabetes , a major reason for this is the prevalence of High Blood pressure or Hypertension. Experience of Diabetologists in Delhi and our country says that approx 30% of the Diabetics suffer from High Blood pressurre and similary approx 30% of persons sufering from High Blood Pressure have Diabetes as well. High Blood pressure is a greater risk factor for premature death than even somikng- it is responsible for more than 10 million deaths worldwide.

Cucumber- Vegetables not to miss this summer- Series 1

Cucumber- Nothing refreshes more than a long slice of fresh green cucumber mildly salted with lemon juice on a sweltering hot afternoon, and it should be  as Cucumber is 90% water, It hydrates, Detoxifies the body, helps regulate Blood Sugar as well. Cucumber contains very few Calories – only 15 K Cals per 100gms but yet its packed with nutrition- it contains vitamins like  A, C, Vit-K, Folate, minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus,Manganese, Micronutrients like Phytosterols and obviously pleny of fibres .

Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Help the kidney survive the onslaught of Diabetes

Kidneys play an existential role in our lives – They perform very important functions but Filtration of the blood and removal of toxins is the most vital of them. Kidneys also produce hormones and are

Happy Women's Days

Diabetes and Challenges faced by Women

It’s not without a reason that women are called the better half -Mankind would be incomplete without them. Women have been accorded great respect and a very important position in the Indian society since even the Vedic times - 

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।

Demolish the Ravana - Demon of Diabetes with Right Choices

This above caricature aptly demonstrates and underlines the wrong and the right for Diabetic patients.

Liver and Diabetes

Diabetes and Liver

Liver is one of the most complex chemical factories ever conceivable. It continuously processes the products absorbed from our intestines and makes useful and essential molecules for our own body. At the same time it’s a great storage device, It also works as a purifier of our blood- continuously removing unwanted toxins and harmful chemicals either ingested or formed in our own body as a result of the various biological processes going on inside all living beings.

Forget Insulin injections- with "Smart Insulin Patch"

Good news for Diabetic Type 1 & Type 2 diabetic patients requiring multiple insulin injections every day, relief is on its way. Soon a “Smart Insulin Patch” may be feasible which would painlessly deliver the required quantity to diabetic patients.

A smart Insulin patch has been developed by Diabetologist researchers in the University of North Carolina and NC in the United States of America, which is capable of delivering Insulin hormone directly into the body as per its requirement.

Diabetes in young

Diabetes in the young


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