Diabetic Diet – First step in controlling Diabetes

What should I eat - is perhaps the single most important question in the life of a person diagnosed with Diabetes , here we have tried to solve this dilemma and give you sound practical advice which may help you control Diabetes and prevent its complications

Diabetic Diet Helps: Control Blood Sugar Control Blood Pressure Decrease Harmful Cholesterol & Increases Good Cholesterol Helps pancreas secrete more insulin Decreases weight.

What to eat-Different foods have different foods have different contents of carbs click here to know what are the best food items in a Diabetic Diet more..

How much- Quantity of food is very important – limit the portion size –this helps in decreasing Blood Glucose levels

How to prepare-Processing or cooking plays an important role in how the carbs contained in the food items are absorbed and the extent of rise in blood glucose levels after meals click here to know more about best ways of cooking in Diabetes….

Diet is classified in Kcals ( i.e. the amount of energy they provide per day), If a diabetic is overweight or obese, then lesser calory diets are recommended, an average type 2 Diabetic Indian needs a 1200-1800 Kcal Diet per day click here to know more..

North Indian Diabetic Diet

A typical adult north Indian Diabetic diet consists of

Roti- preferably 2 light rotis without smearing of Desi ghee click to know more..

Sabzi-Avoid potatoes, Yam, Arvi ( Colocasia), other sabzis do not contain much calories and may be had 1-2 katories, click to know more..

Daal – Avoid Urad daal, best choice for Diabetics is Arhar ( yellow lentil), click to read more…

Rice- Rice may be had in limited quantities ( 1 katory) boiled rice, preferably long grain , click here to read more..

Curd- Low fat curd or yoghurt is good for Diabetics..

Proper selection of ingredients of the Rotis ( Wheat flour mixture) or proper selection of the type of rice may help in decreasing the Sugar levels after meals.

Regional Indian Diabetic Diet:

Diabetic Diet in South India

Diabetic Diet in Bengal

Maharashtrian Diabetic Diet in Maharashtra

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