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Eye Complications

Eye Complications

Written by Dr Rajesh Kesari MD   

Diabetic Retinopathy 

Retina is he light percieving part of the eye, Uncontrolled longstanding Diabetes damages the blood vessels supplying the 

delicate nerves of the Retina, the vessels may start leaking causing swelling and in the retina, subsequent bleeding from these vesels and their occlusion stops blood flow to parts of Retina leading to loss of perception of light in the affected part.When sufficient area of retina gets affected total Blindness may ensue.
Symptoms of Diabetic retinopathy may range from decreased vision to haziness of vision or presence of dark floating patches in the field of vision. Continuing damage may significantly decrease the perception of light causing total blindness.
Laser treatment for Retinopathy
High power Lasers are used to coagulate (clot) the bleeding blood vessels, With help of the same lasers a range of scattered microscopic spots are made ( burnt) in some parts of retina which do not signifcantly affect the vision, but these spots decrease the requirement of blood in the whole of the eye and help in the healing of vital parts of retina and decrease the loss of vision.

Glaucoma in Diabetes
Diabetes may also cause Glaucoma, in this condition the fluid made in the anterior chambers ( The part of eyes in front of pupils which we can see) is not
 evacuated properly and continues to put pressure on the nerves carrying light sensation to Brain at the back of eyes leading to Blindness.Symptoms may range from sever headaches to decreasing vision. 
Cataracts in Diabetes

 Cataracts are cloudy deposits on the lens of the eyes, they are usually formed with age,  but their extent and severity is much higher in Diabetics, moreover they occur at an earlier age in Diabetics. Catarct causes clouding and haziness of vision.

Early diagnosis and treatment of all the conditions of eye is very important as they threaten the vision of Diabetics.

All Diabetics should undergo through eye examination by a specialist with dilated pupils atleast once a year.


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