This is an initiative of Diabetologist Dr Rajesh Kesari , Total Care Control - Diabetes Care Centre and Kautilya Foundation. The main aim of this activity is to create awareness about Diabetes , facilitate early diagnosis and initiation of treatment of Diabetes at an early stage. As various studies have underlined the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes to reap the benefit of  “legacy effect”. Diabetes treatment is most effective when initiated early in the course of disease, if this early "golden period" of control is missed- even good control over Diabetes at late stage of disease is not very beneficial in preventing dreadful complications like Heart Attack and Stroke..

This activity consists of

  • Interactive talk titled “ Living with Diabetes” which encompasses most important issues related to Why What and How’s of Diabetes and presents them Do’s and Don’t’s in an easy and comprehensible language with the help of Slides and discussions, this is followed by Question and Answer session.
  • A Diabetes Exhibition showcasing various aspects of Diabetes which may help patients control Diabetes better- by the way of  Graphical posters, Live Products etc..
  • Free Blood Sugar Testing
  • Free Neuropathy, Eye or other testing as may be feasible
  • Some more Tests may be done at Highly discounted rates

This Diabetes awareness activity has become very popular and highly appreciated by participants, It can be organized in Business organizations, Offices, Group Housing Societies, RWA’s, Clubs etc..

Please contact 9899155255 if you wish to organize such an activity in your Organization or Society.