Depression in Diabetes

At the first Glance these two problems seem very unrelated.

depressed woman

But its a known fact that all diabetics are more prone to depression than the general population. According to some studies, more than 50% of Diabetics have more than 3-4 episodes of major depressive illnesses in their lives.

One of the contributing factors is that diabetics live under considerable stress of their Disease, Diabetes is a chronic condition and requires treatment over a long period of time,- life long. Often the results of the treatment are also suboptimal. The burden of disease is further compounded by the cost of treatment and other expenses related to changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

Dialy exercise may be very helpful not only in keeping blood sugar under control but also keeping up high spirits.

If a diabetic has symptoms of depression or other psychiatric dirsorders, he/she should seek immediate treatment with a psychiatrist before things get worse and out of hand. Diabetics should frequently monitor their blood glucose levels during treatment of psychiatric illnesses as some of the medicines used in treating these disorders may adversely affect Diabetes control, while high blood sugar levels may make the illness more severe.