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Tests in Diabetes

Essential Tests in Diabetes

Diabetes does not give any symptoms at early stages, when symptoms of its complications become apparent it might be too late. Only appropriate tests can truly reflect the condition of a Diabetics health and treatment of Diabetics is based on results of these tests. Early detection of complications with the help of these tests may help in stopping their progression...

Blood Glucose fasting- one of the most essential tests in Diabetes , it reflects the Basal Insulin secretion by pancreas.

Blood Glucose Post Prandial or 2 hrs post 75 gms Glucose load- Measures the Glucose levels in plasma 2 hrs after a meal or 75 gms oral glucose load, reflects the pancreas ability to secrete Insulin in response to a Glucose load

HbA1C or Glycosylated Hemoglobin- reflects the average Blood Glucose levels of past 1-2 months; Gold Standard test , Essential for managing Diabetes. Only Blood Glucose values may give an erroneous impression of Diabetes control, wher as HbA1C gives accurate average Blood Glucose levels.All international studies about Diabtetes control use only HbA1C as criteria.

Liver & Kidney Function Tests: Reflects the condition of liver & Kidneys-  as they  play important role in controlling sugar and may get damaged due to persistently High levels levels of Glucose. NAFLD and Renal failure may be detected using these Tests.

Urine Microalbumin: The earliest indicator of damage to Kidneys by Diabetes or High Blood Pressure.

Lipid Profile: Lipids ( HDL, LDL, VLDL Cholesterol  and Triglyceride levels are frequently high and may be responsible for Atherosclerosis which leads to Heart Attack and stroke)

TMT, ECHO-  Diabetes is considered a high risk Cardiovascular state, about 80% of the Diabetics die of Heart attacks, Stroke  or Cardiovascular disease, Treadmill Test and ECHO may help in early detection of Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure or other Heart Diseases.

Biothesiometry: A specialized test for detection of Peripheral Neuropathy, which is the earliest detectable complication of Diabetes and may lead to dreadful complications of Diabetic Foot if uncontrolled, in our Centre this is done by aspecial Computerized Biothesiometer, which helps not only in detection and Diagnosis but may also help monitor progress with treatment.

Doppler Ankle Brachial Index: A screening test for detection of Peropheral Artery disease, which is a debilitating condition and may lead to Diabetic Foot resulting in Amputation. A person with PAD is at increased risk of Heart Attacks and Stroke.

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