Diabetes friendly Recipes

Sweet tooth or not, sweets are an important part of our lives and cannot be discounted just like that. But sweets contain sugar and give rise to peaks of blood sugar, which is the root cause of all our troubles, not only that they also increase blood Triglycerides. We obviously do'nt eat sugar as such- it goes in the pastry together with lots of other ingredients like Refined flour (high glycemic index), Cream ( saturated fats- raise cholesterol and LDL), Vegetable shortening (Transfats- most harmful and atherogenic). Most of the sweets ( god only knows why!!!) are fried or made with lots of oil or fat. What's important for all diabetics is to change the attitude ( close to nature- away from sweet and salt as both are harmful in excess). But in the meantime try to do with some sugar friendly dishes but in moderate portions, number of Artificial zero or low calory sweeteners are now available which may even be used for baking and cooking, even though they come with their own downside.High in taste but low calories- desserts to pamper yourself. Please share with us your favourites.