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Happy Women's Days

Diabetes and Challenges faced by Women

It’s not without a reason that women are called the better half -Mankind would be incomplete without them. Women have been accorded great respect and a very important position in the Indian society since even the Vedic times - 

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।

Where women are respected; Even Gods are Happy

Women have a great role to play – one of the biggest being that of a mother- Not only to procreate but also to Nurture, Cherish, Protect and Continue the traditions of family and society and the Human race itself. Throughout the continuum of life women have to face many challenges both physical and emotional which men never come across and may be difficult for them to understand.

As our little angels- loved and cherished by all grow up to attain teenage status the hormonal milieu of the body changes to facilitate their further development as to be mothers. This may become their first encounter with Diabetes or Insulin resistance which has become very common and is called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)- this is characterised by irregular, painful periods and in future may result in Difficulty in conceiving.

A very special period of life of every female-pregnancy may be marred by onset Diabetes, which is harmful both for the mother and the baby, it may result in a large sized baby or complications at the time of birth. When Women either with type I or Type II Diabetes become pregnant they need to be extra cautious and keep strict control over Diabetes at the time of conception to avoid Birth defects in the offspring. Even with advancing age and past menopause when the reproductive functions are over, women with diabetes have to be careful- as their natural protection against heart disease which is provided by the female hormone estrogen decreases, and they are more prone to suffer from Heart Attacks and Stroke.

In order to be healthy and strong at all stages of their life would give some simple health tips:

  • Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits daily
  • Take your meals on time- don’t go empty stomach-find time for yourself
  • Take sufficient quantity of proteins in your diet either as Meat, Fish, Eggs, or Pulses, Soya, Milk Proteins etc
  • Be physically active – exercise daily, go for walks or play outdoor games
  • Have a daily dose of nuts like Walnut, Almonds, Pistachio etc..
  • Engage in activities which give you happiness and joy be it reading, Dancing, Playing games, Reading books

Above all always be Happy & Healthy as all the joys of life are belittled by the absence of Good Health.

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