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Diabetes in young

Diabetes in the young

Type 2 Diabetes has since ages been considered as a disease of the middle aged and the elderly, but with changing scenario Diabetes is also getting younger, many school going children are being Diagnosed with Type -2 Diabetes, the proportion of 25- 35 age group has also been rising, not only in India but all over the world.in past 2 decades the proportion of the population being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in the age group of 35-45 yrs has almost doubled, In US more school children are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes than Type 1 Diabetes.

Why Diabetes at a young age?

Sedentary lifestyle, Abundance of fast food is the main cause of childhood obesity. This leads to accumulation of intra-abdominal fat and subsequent increases in the Insulin resistance leading to Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, CAD etc. Children hardly engage in outdoor activities, most of the time remained glued to Computer, Tablets or TV s screens. Most of the office work also revolves around working on desktops again leaving little room for physical activities.

Issues with young Diabetics

Diabetes onset at a young age means that the individuals would have to manage their condition over longer period of times, and as complications of uncontrolled Diabetes unfold max imum between 15-20 yrs. of onset such persons are more likely to suffer from Diabetes complications.

As has been see Complications like those of Kidney – Renal failure requiring Dialysis & Transplant, Eye complications – Retinopathy requiring Laser treatment are frequently seen in young individuals with Diabetes.

Difficult to control – Younger diabetics are prone to have uncontrolled Diabetes, they are less likely to make lifestyle modification changes and less likely to adhere to doctors advice due to the peer pressure and the carefree and risk taking behaviours associated with youth and early age.

Greater financial burden- As they have to live with their disease for a longer period there obviously is a greater financial burden of medical care, medicines, tests, hospitalization etc..At an early age when the young adults are yet to settle and earn well in their lives this becomes an very important issue leading to stress and poor follow up with doctors and irregular treatment.

Younger Diabetics need better control- as they have to live longer with Diabetes, but often they realize this only when they suffer from them, this is where a good Diabetologist in Delhi comes in, young Diabetics require extensive counselling and need to be explained the long term consequences so that they are able to take better care of themselves from the very onset of Diabetes and lead a healthy and complication free life.

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