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Demolish the Ravana - Demon of Diabetes with Right Choices

This above caricature aptly demonstrates and underlines the wrong and the right for Diabetic patients.

The main reason of risng blood sugars is the not only loss of ability of pancreas to produce Insulin in sufficient quantities , but also the way in which it secretes this insulin and the effectiveness of the little bit of Insulin which may be sectreted in Type-2 Diabetes patients.
Here are some tips to tackle these defects and still maintain your Blood Sugar at optimum levels.
Inspite of the effect of medicines, Insulin or drugs that may be required to control Diabetes - Diet control is never loses its significance as it helps in more ways than one.

Choose foods which do not contain refined Sugar - like table sugar, High fructose corn sy etc. as they cause a peak in blood Glucose levels and the ailing pancreas canot keep up with them.

Foods with low Glycemic Index are slowly absorbed and do not cause steep rises in Blood Glucose levels hence a little Insulin may be required to control the rising Blood Sugars.

10 things to avoid and control your Diabetes

1. Sweets
2. Sugar
3. Sugary Beverages
4. Juices
5. White Bread
6.Junk Food
7. fried food
8. Chocolates & Candies
9.Cakes & Pies
10.Shakes & Smoothies

10 things to prefer

1. Green veggeis
2. Salads
3. Fruits
4. Whole Grains
5. Butter Milk
6. Coconut Water
7. Leafy vegetables
8. Unprocessed foods
9. Low Fat Milk
10.Whole Atta

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