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Cucumber- Vegetables not to miss this summer- Series 1

Cucumber- Nothing refreshes more than a long slice of fresh green cucumber mildly salted with lemon juice on a sweltering hot afternoon, and it should be  as Cucumber is 90% water, It hydrates, Detoxifies the body, helps regulate Blood Sugar as well. Cucumber contains very few Calories – only 15 K Cals per 100gms but yet its packed with nutrition- it contains vitamins like  A, C, Vit-K, Folate, minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus,Manganese, Micronutrients like Phytosterols and obviously pleny of fibres . It is suggested by Diabetologist and Diabetes specialist in Delhi and other hot places to be consumed by Diabetics as often as possible specially before meals and as snacks between meals.


Advantages of having Cucumber regularly during summers:-


a. It hydrates the body – replenishes the water lost with sweat due to the heat

b. Helps in weight loss – as most of it is only water gives sensation of fullness decreases appetite

c. Detoxifies the body as it contains plenty of antioxidants

d. Regulates Blood Sugar- its filling yet with very few calories

e. Bowel movement is regularized as contains plenty of fibres 

f. Nourishes the body with Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients


  • It is preferable to have cucumber with the peel- which is also edible and contains lots of beneficial substances.
  • Wash the cucumber thoroughly before eating
  • Do not use a lot of salt with cucumber as excessive consumption of salt may raise Blood Pressure and cause other problems
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