What is Total Care Control- Diabetes Care Centre?

Total Care Control- Diabetes Care centre is an integrated Medical Centre where you get all the solutions for treatment and management of Diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic and complex disorder or disease, which is not treatable but has to be managed lifelong, moreover most of the complications of Diabetes do not manifest themselves overtly and have to be carefully and methodically screened for – Treatment of Diabetes requires not only doctors advice about what medications to take but also many other aspects all these are provided at our Centre. Our Centre has a wholesome approach to management of Diabetes and all aspects of Diabetes treatment are taken care of here: 

  • Consultation by experienced Diabetologist
  • Counseling by trained and knowledgeable counselor
  • Diet Counselling
  • Continous Glucose Monitoring System- Special device which measures Blood Sugar levels throughout 24 hrs
  • Dispensary- Medicines, Insulin, Diabetes accessories like Glucometer, strips, lancets, special footwear, socks, pads etc…
  • Footcare- special wound care for Diabetic Foot infections
  • Laser therapy for treatment of Diabetic Foot infections
  • Blood and other Pathology –Testing All Blood, urine Stool and other Pathology tests are conducted here
  • Special Tests for Heart, Nerves Blood Vessels etc like
  • Biothesiometry- Neuropathy Testing  
  • Doppler, Ultrasound
  • X-Ray
  • Physiotherapy
  • Retina Screening- with 3Nethra Fundus Camera for early diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy

What is so special about your Diabetes Centre?

  • Doctor- Our Diabetologist - Dr Rajesh Kesari is absolutely dedicated to his patients and the cause of Diabetes, Diabetes has been his passion since he started his practice in 2001, he devotes a lot of time to each and every patient and personally explains every patient the root cause of Diabetes, its complications and how best it can be managed in them using their resources. A visit to Dr Kesari is not a 3-5 mins visit where the doctor sees the reports and writes a new prescription, Doctor Kesari goes into all the intricate details and fine nuances of each individual patient and tries to provide a solution to him which is best suited for the patients and affordable too. Dr Kesari delves into the human aspect of this disease too as it can only be managed and not treated..
  • Diabetes Management System- Patients are managed with the help of specialized software for management of Diabetes, hence all the records of our patients are available always, and patients do not need to carry their records and papers on each and every visit.
  • Web Portal- Most of the records of patients including their prescription are available online on our web portal so patients can easily access them from anywhere using internet.
  • Drug Dispensary- Diabetics have to take medicines throughout their life here we try to help them and reduce their burden as well. Authentic medicines are provided only by reputed manufacturers and that too are dispensed with discount to out registered patients on prescription of our Consultant Diabetologist only
  • Prescriptions- are laser printed with clear instructions on when to take medicines together with mention of generic names of medicines as well, so that even outstation patients can buy these medicines or anyone may source cheaper brands if available.
  • Reminders- Diabetes is called a silent killer because it gives no symptoms but still destroys our body from within, Most often people are busy with their lives and do not bother to visit their doctors till they feel some problem, but then it may be too late. In our Centre Patients are reminded of their due appointment dates through SMS and E-mails to make sure they are routinely monitored and are compliant with their treatment which is effective too.
  • All Facilities under one roof- All the essential facilities are provided under one roof so patients do not have to run from one place to other for Different tests, Consultations, Medicines etc.
  • Home Collection & Delivery- Blood and other samples for testing can be collected by our experienced technicians from the patients homes, and medicines prescribed can also be delivered to them.
  • Affordable- Treatment here is affordable to all, Consultation Fee is nominal as compared to similar facilities in our metropolis. Discounts may be provided to students and patients from EWS.
  • Charitable & Free Treatment- Free insulin and other help may be provided to patients from economically weaker section, depending on their requirements and subject to available resources.
  • Literature- All patients are provided with Diabetes related literature, Booklets, Diet charts and other handy inputs which help them control their Diabetes better.
  • Specially trained Staff: All our staff, be it a Nurse, Counselor, Technician etc have been specially trained to handle Diabetes patients and are well versed with issues faced by Diabetic patients, they would be in a better condition to respond to your queries and help you.
  • Retina Screening: One of the worst complications of Diabetes is Retinopathy - which ultimately leads to blindness, we have the facility to conduct screening for Diabetic eye using the highly advanced 3Nethra Fundus camera, the pictures of fundus taken with this camera are examined in detail by a specialist in Retina and he guides future course of action.

Who is the Doctor ?

  • Dr Rajesh Kesari is our Consultant Diabetologist
  • He has done is MD from the prestigious Odessa State Medical University,
  • He is a recognized Diabetes Speaker and trainer by the American Diabetes Association ( ADA)
  • Hes worked as a Consultant Diabetologist at Apollo Clinics East of Kailash & Indirapuram
  • Jeevan Anmol Hospital Mayur Vihar
  • He regularly participates in International and National Conferences on Diabetes to keep himself abreast with the latest developments and provide the best to his patients.
  • He is also a speaker in conferences and programmes  organized for doctors by various organizations
  • Hes been involved in many activities regarding creating awareness about Diabetes, He has been widely featured in Print and Electronic media for his campaigns in creating Diabetes awareness.


Main Centre


Indirapuram Branch


Centre Timings

  • Mon-Sat:07:30 am – 10:00 pm
  • Sundays: 07:30 am – 7:00 pm

Centre Timings

  • Mon-Sat:-10-11 am & 5-6 pm mon-sat
  • Sundays:10:00am- 11:30 pm

Doctor Timings

  • Mon-Sat:11:30 – 2:00 pm mon-sat; Evenings- 7:00pm-9:30 pm sat-sun
  • Sundays: 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Doctors Consultation Timings:

  • Mon-Sat:-08:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sundays:8:00 am- 2:00 pm